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5 Golden rules to consider before you buy or rent a jungle gym



Access to your property

See par.1

If access to the play area is a challenge, consider collapsible jungle gyms

Slopes and gradients of the play area

See par 2

Relationship between stability and safety

Size of your play area

See par 3.

Relationship between the size of your garden and the size of the jungle gym you choose.


See par 4

Relationship between your budget and the size of the jungle gym you might bought.

Ages of your children

See par 5.

Age appropriate activities relates to a certain size of jungle gym you chooses. Jungle gym must be appropriate for the ages of your kids.


It is your RESPONSIBILITY to ensure access is possible. WHY?

Playground Equipment and Jungle Gyms & are pre manufactured fully assembled units.

NOTICE - once you confirm access to your property on the order form but the jungle gym cannot pass through to the play area, you will be responsible for the delivery cost of R500.00 in Pretoria and R800.00 in the Johannesburg areas and the full delivery costs outside these areas. Please read carefully the policy under Ordering and Payment options.


Jungle Gyms and playground equipment are fixed units and NOT in kit form:

Jungle gyms are welded and assembled at the factory. Accessories like slides, shading nets and attachments with tyre swings and the tyre tower are loose items and attached once the jungle gym is placed.

  • Access to the front garden of your house/school:
    • We can pass our jungle gyms over 2 meter walls provided there are NO electrical fences, NO barbed wire and NO devil forks. Flowers beds might be damaged during this process for which we will not be held liable for. However for schools there must be a gate wide enough for a bakkie to pass through. Some of the play apparatuses like the bus and the train are very heavy and cannot be carried over a 2m wall.
  • Access through doors and garden gates:
    • Jungle gyms require an access width of 2 meters, and an access height of 3 meters. This is much wider and higher than a normal door, even sliding doors. If you want to use the jungle gym in a back garden for instance, we need a passage of access of at least 2 meters wide and 3 meters high in order to get the jungle gym to its position. 
    • No access for jungle gyms through house doors even if it is a swivel door or through garden gates.
    • Smaller jungle gyms (JG 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 9) like the Baby, Toddler and the Junior jungle gyms can go through a single garage door on condition there is also a garage door to exit.
    • The Senior, Maxi and the Jumbo Jungle Gyms (JG 5, 6, 7, 10 to 26) cannot go through a single garage door or even worse the front door of your house.
  • Access around your house/school:
    • Most of our jungle gyms require an access width of 2 meters, and a clearance height of 3 meters. If you want to use the jungle gym in a back garden for instance, we need a passage width of at least 2 meters wide and 3 meters high in order to get the jungle gym to its position. Also take into consideration overhanging facia boards, gutter pipes, security lights and tree branches which can block access to the playground.
  • Access through your neighbour’s property:
    • If there is no access around your house but your neighbour has enough space, please liaise with your neighbour for permission to use their property and to pass the jungle gym and/or playground equipment over the wall. See the first note for the wall requirements and flower beds under heading Access to the front garden. The neighbour or representative must be present on day of delivery to ensure no claims after the jungle gym was delivered.

If there is no access at all - we have a solution for you. Our kit form steel jungle gyms are perfect for you. There are five collapsible jungle gyms to choose from! Click here to view<


Jungle gyms require a reasonable flat/level surface for optimum safety and stability! Jungle gyms are high, and with children climbing and swinging on them, we don’t want to have the possibility that jungle gyms might topple over.

Anchoring might be a solution, but the free space around the swings might not be wide/big enough to ensure safe swing pendulum. The hinges of the see saw swings can take lots of strain which will shorten the life span drastically.

If you think the slope or gradient is just too much, then unfortunately you might consider a wooden jungle gym.


Children play on jungle gyms and also around it too! If they are swinging, they require space to swing into and out. For optimum play area around the jungle gym, please add at least 1.5m to 2m to the ground plan dimensions and 2m to 3m for the swings to ensure that your children will have sufficient safe play area to enjoy the jungle gym to the fullest

Dimensions - please take cognisance that most of the jungle gyms on the web site have ground plans with dimensions to enable you to do the planning where you would like to place the jungle gym.

4.      BUDGET:

Budget for this investment is a large determining factor in your choice of jungle gym. There is a wide variety of jungle gyms that suit most pockets, and we also offer very attractive rental schemes for you to choose from!

To read more about our jungle gym rental schemes, please click here >>


Mom and dad please make sure the jungle gym is appropriate for the age of your children.

The international playground safety standards stipulates the following three distinctive age groups; under 2 years old; 2 to 5 years old and 5 to 12 years old. It is logic that a two year old toddler cannot play on the same jungle gym which is appropriate for the 5 - 12 years old.

The challenge is to choose a jungle gym for your 2 year and 5/6 year old. You do not want to expose the youngest to the same heights as intended for your older kid. Therefore you can consider a jungle gym with two play decks at different heights like our Kinder Garden range JG 5 and JG 6 with single swings or the Senior range JG 10 and JG 11.

We have developed a matrix that explains the age groups for each of our jungle gyms. Please click here to view the matrix >>