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Delivery Info


  1. All prices include VAT.
  2. Delivery fees in Pretoria Area is R300 and the greater Johannesburg R450 excluding installation. Other areas R8.00 / km (back and forth) plus toll gate fees and if necessary over night travel expenses. 
  3. Relocation costs of R800.00 of your freestanding steel jungle gym in the Greater Johannesburg and Pretoria area. Please assure access to your new premise.
  4. Implanting of heavy duty playground equipment will be separately quoted for.
  5. Implanting of swings at schools is included in the purchase price.

Access to your play area:

* Jungle gyms cannot go through your house front door even swivel doors or garden gates.

* Passage width - 2m and a height clearance of 3. Take note of overhead trees.

* Walls – maximum height of 2m with NO electric fence, bob wire or devil forks.

* Buyer accept full responsibility for getting the jungle gym into his/her garden.

Please make sure access to the garden/play area. Jungle gyms and playground equipment are fully assembled at the factory. Therefore the following requirements for access. 

*          No access over walls and neighbouring walls higher than 2m with electric fence or bob wire, devil forks, spikes, etc.

*          Passage width 2m and height clearance 3m.

*          No passage through garden gates, front doors, single garage doors.

*          No passage over roofs, car ports or Wendy houses.

*          Electric fence on top of gates where vehicles must pass through, must also open when the gate opens – jungle gyms are much higher than normal vehicle height. 


You can pick up one jungle gym with the following type of vehicles:

* Long wheel base single cab bakkie with no roll bar on it .

* No enclosed small trucks.

* SUV with a 3m long trailer and 1.5m width with no side rails.

* LDV with drop sides like the Hyundai H100.

* 3 tonner truck which is not enclosed like the typical courier bakkies.

* Long wheel base bakkie/SUV with a 3m trailer long and 1.5m width with no siderails.