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Care and Maintenance


Jungle gyms RENTED from Jungle Gym World

Broken accessories like rope ladders, climbing nets will be exchange within ten working days after you notify Management (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Paint will come off from steel slides at schools due to excessive use. Therefore slides will not be exchanged. However if it is really in bad shape, we will exchange the slide.

The client is liable for damages incurred due to user abuse or damaging caused by dogs like chewing cargo nets and rope ladders.


Monthly Safety checks. Your jungle gym should be monthly inspected for the following:

  • Cargo net
  • Rope ladder
  • Jungle swing
  • Tyre swings
  • Chains
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Oil all the moving parts

24 Month checks - It is suggested to repaint only the bottom part of the jungle gym. The pipes rested on the ground tend to rust first due to rain or irrigation conditions. Remove rust by sandpaper. Apply an undercoat and thereafter any type of enamel paint. Ask your hardware shop or paint specialist to advice you accordingly.

36 Month checks - it is suggested to repaint the whole jungle gym. Please do not remove all the paint. Remove only the rust affected areas by sandpaper. Apply an undercoat to the affected areas and then repaint the whole jungle gym with any type of enamel paint.